Maintaining your health with fitness doesn’t always need a gym, studio, or even equipment. In fact, you don’t need more than a pair of comfortable shoes and the great outdoors! Walking, for example, is a fantastic form of fitness that’s low impact, fun, and has been proven to benefit a person’s health significantly. If you’re someone who prefers a low-impact exercise outside the gym and surrounded by nature, regular walking trips may be the perfect fit for you. Let’s discuss a few key health benefits of walking. 

Natural Kick-Start and Mood-Booster 

All too often, we as adults struggle with things like getting enough sleep, handling stress, and dealing with emotions. And while it may seem like a lot to manage, taking a regular walk can be a lot more help than you might think. In fact, according to Healthline, taking a walk when you’re fatigued from a lack of sleep can be even more effective in boosting your energy levels than a cup of coffee; and also contribute to a better mood. This is because a brisk walk increases your oxygen levels and activates hormones serotonin, which is essential in boosting feelings of happiness.

It Can Be Done Anywhere 

One of the greatest benefits of regular walking is that it can be done, really, anywhere! Regardless of your location, you can incorporate walking into your daily routine. If you’re looking to clear your mind and focus on your surroundings, taking a walk in a park or on a nature trail is a great option which makes your walking experience more fun and enjoyable. If you want to stay motivated and goal-oriented, you can track your daily steps using fitness tracking apps or devices. 

Improves Immune System 

Studies have shown that incorporating walking into your daily routine has a direct correlation to a boost in immune function. A study conducted by the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that adults who regularly participated in exercise or aerobic activity experienced less-severe symptoms from upper respiratory infections than adults who didn’t.

Relieves Joint Pain

As you get older, joint issues are not uncommon. Walking is a great way to ease joint pain and keep your joints and muscles lubricated and strong. You can take a leisurely walk around town, or embark on a brisk walk along the beach or on your favorite local trail. Either way, regular joint movement is healthy, and for those with existing joint problems, it’s a great way to combat pain and keep your joints functioning.